Keep Those Pests Out with Edge Pest Control

Every year a "Top Ten List of Things Americans Are Scared Of" is posted and this year arachnophobia made it on once again. Being scared of spiders is very common, but Edge Pest Control is excited to be here to let you know that you don't need to be scared anymore. Edge Pest has a team of well-trained pest controllers who can help you out right away.

Edge Pest Control provides a fully inclusive lawn care and pest control service. This time of year a lot of people are out in their yards working hard to make their lawns look green and beautiful. While they are out in the lawn they are also noticing all of the the insect activity. Edge is here to help with both of those things -- the lawn and the insects.

In the summer you might be noticing insect activity as you are outside more and working in your yard. Many times these insects and pests make their way into the house as well. Most commonly, you might see ants outside and inside as well as spiders nesting and building webs around and in your home.You will notice ants more around the base boards and foundation lines around the home. Because there are millions of ants under the ground they are not easy to control. Edge has products to control your ants and their team knows just how to take care of them. Most companies don’t guarantee that they can get rid of spiders because they are extremely difficult to control. Edge’s products are some of the very few used that will effectively control spiders in and around the home and they guarantee them.

Mention Good Things Utah and get $30 off your first service when you sign up for their yearly maintenance plan
For  more information, just call Edge Pest Control at 801-569-3343 or visit their website.

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