'Jillee Bean and the One Good Thing'

Having trouble getting your kids excited about doing service? We have a tool for you to teach and motivate your children to want to help out.

Jill Nystul and Samantha Hollister authored and illustrated "Jillee Bean and the One Good Thing, a children's book that encourages children to serve others by doing "one good thing" at a time. This loving story for the family about a father teaching his daughter all about serving others in need was inspired by Jill Nystul's dad himself. Nystul says her father always taught her to do good things for others and helped raise her self esteem as a child.

But there's more to the lessons taught in this book. For each good thing the daughter does in the book, she gets one jelly bean to put in a jar. Once the jar is full of all the good things she's done, she gets to keep the jelly bean-filled jar.

Everyone can use this trick in their homes. It's a great thing for kids of all ages to set a goal, to fill a jar full of jelly beans with one bean representing one good thing they've done, and watch their good deeds grow in number and feel their hearts fill with joy.

Get this book at www.jilleebean.com and enter to win her book giveaway on her Facebook page

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