Improve Your Cooking...Fast!

Aaahhh, the aroma of a freshly-baked pizza…the warm, crispy crust…the tangy tomato sauce, and the fresh basil. Nicea and her daughters headed over to Harmons for the make-your-own pizza from scratch class. With Chef Kimberly at the helm, you can learn too! 

Harmons Cooking Schools are located at Bangerter Crossing, Station Park, and City Creek store locations. They have a wide variety of classes that range from basic cooking skills, seasonal and ethnic interests, and wine pairings to private classes and kids events. Practice your cooking skills in a friendly environment with some of the state's most skilled chefs and up-to-the-minute equipment and technology.

Do you want to become a master chef? Then visit Harmons website to see all of the different cooking classes coming up! 

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