Human Trafficking: A Concern for All

After reporting on Good Morning America and Steve Harvey earlier this year, Meg Conley stopped by GTU to tell us all about her undercover sting operation to stop human trafficking.

Working alongside Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) Meg headed to the Dominican Republic to go undercover and write a story for the Huffington Post. Meg played the full role as she posed as a trafficker during the sting operation. She posed alongside the real criminal traffickers pretending to buy children. Fully convincing the traffickers she was there for the same reasons as them, she watched as the young children came in. She recalled the horrified looks on the children's faces. Meg remembers the feelings she had knowing that the children thought she was there to harm them. Having two young girls of her own, this hurt Meg more than she could have imagined. It wasn’t long after that Meg was arrested along with the true criminals. As she was lying on the floor she watched as the children stepped over her when they were being led away to safety. With this horrible feeling, Meg wanted nothing more than to comfort the children and tell them they were being led to a better place. Meg described this experience as one of the worst moments in her life.

Operation Underground Railroad currently visits these countries and provides 80 percent of the help while the local police and law enforcement provide 20 percent. The ultimate goal is for OUR to switch these numbers and have the local government providing 80 percent of the rescue help.

While many assume that human trafficking is only occurring in other countries, it is also occurring in the United States and Utah is one of the highest offending states and is a large stop for human traffickers. Unfortunately, no child is exempt and they are at risk from infancy and up. While going undercover and participating in stings is left to the highly trained professionals and the occasional writer, such as Meg, you can help by donating only five dollars a month to OUR and helping fun the rescue of many children.


For more information head to the OUR Rescue Website

You can also check out Meg’s full story on Meg's Blog.    

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