How to Wear 2014 Color of the Year- Radiant Orchid

Sephora+Pantone Universe collaboration continues our successful partnership, with a focus on education on how to wear this year's highly versatile and irresistible . It is lush, modern, feminine - and irresistibly versatile. From smoldering strokes to blushing accents, Sephora is showcasing the most captivating ways to wear this flattering tone on eyes, cheeks, lips and nails with looks created by makeup luminary Aaron de May. Shade, blend, explore - let this ravishing tone inspire your beauty in 2014.

This is the third year featuring the exclusive contract between Sephora and Pantone invites clients to explore all the tones and hues found within the Radiant Orchid. Whether petal-soft or vividly intense there are a multitude of ways this color can be worn. You can sweep a wash of orchid across the features of the face for an allover wash or you can play up lips, nails and beyond with a subtle accent of the color.

No matter your style, it is easy to fall in love with this Color as the collections features palettes for eyes and cheeks, a variety of lip hues (both glosses and rogues), nail polishes, brushes, liners and more to provide a modern and feminine-jolt to any wardrobe.

The Thee Looks Featured: 

Exquisite Orchid:
Radiant. Ravishing. Transfixing. Sweep on a rush of uninhibited beauty with this allover wash.

Rare Earth:
Rich Neutrals get a semi-precious twist with this lustrous gradient of tender umbers.

Radiant Femme:
Soft shading meets graphic edge in this lush take on modern femininity.

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