How To Help Utah's Air Quality

When people think of UDOT, they often think of roads. In reality UDOT's vision is an integrated transportation system. That includes cars, bikes, pedestrians and public transportation. TravelWise is a statewide program led by UDOT. It promotes a set of actions that encourage Utahns to rethink the way they travel.  John Gleason says UDOT is working to give Utahns alternatives to driving alone.
It might be unrealistic to avoid driving during peak times, but creating a "trip chain" to accomplish your errands can make gas use more efficient. John says Trip chaining is one of the most hassle-free ways to TravelWise. Trip chaining involves grouping errands or other activities into one trip instead of returning home in between each one. The more errands you group together, the more vehicle trips you save.
Another tip is to skip the trip. Just plan ahead to avoid unnecessary trips. You can skip a trip by planning ahead to get an errand done by trip chaining. You can also skip a trip by doing something online that you normally would have to drive to do: online banking, video streaming or online shopping are all ways to skip a trip.
Setting up a carpool can also help reduce emissions. Carpooling can be used for many occasions including attending special events or taking kids to school, practices or recreational activities. This action requires some coordination of schedules, but can be easily implemented to achieve significant results.
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