How to create balance in your home and schedule

Author of 'The Decision That Changed My Life,' Ganel-Lyn Condie, joined us to explain how to create balance in your schedule and home. 


  1. What you say yes to you say no to something else. What you say no to you say yes to something else.
  2. Calendar with color so you can see the areas you are committed to that week. 
  3. Coordinate Sunday night with family to identify fire spots.


  1. Touch your mail once!
    • Sort it in the car or in the kitchen.
    • Throw junk mail away and put bills where you pay bills.
    • Command centers in your home.
  2. Laundry a day keeps the piles away.
    • Start before work/ school, put in dryer at lunch (if you are home) or after work, sort and fold and put away before bed.
    • Use timer to motivate kids.
    • Create one area where the laundry goes. In the laundry room hampers are the easiest.

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