How Teens Can Get Better at Creative Writing

Best selling authors are helping teens find their own creative voice through an upcoming workshop. It is called the Teen Author Boot Camp and it is taking place at Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo on March 25, 2017. Co-Founders and authors, Jo Schaffer and Jennifer Jenkins, along with Ashtyn Newbold, who attended a past workshop, joined GTU to explain.

Nearly a thousand aspiring teen writers come together with bestselling authors to amp up their skills.It provides a space where teens who may feel marginalized find their tribe. The creator say teens' stories are the literature of tomorrow.

They say that Creative Writing in Utah is slowly being phased out in high schools across the state. Because narrative writing isn’t measured in state testing, many teachers feel pressure to put creative writing on the “back burner” to devote time to the more technical types of writing included in standardized tests. As a result, advocacy for Creative Writing is dwindling, and experts agree that students are not being offered the tools to develop their creative voice.

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