How One Man Motivates Children to Play Music

Do your kids put up a fight when it comes time to practice their music? Musician and piano teacher, Jerald Simon, shared a few tips and tricks, alongside his wife Suzanne, to encourage your kids to practice and enjoy what they are playing. 

Jerald explained what his company, Music Motivation is about and ways parents and music teachers alike can help kids enjoy practicing. His daughter Summer, 10, joined him during the segment to put into play what he was teaching. 

Jerald produces monthly "Cool Songs" and "Theory Tip Tuesday" videos on his YouTube channel where anyone can go to get more pointers. 

If you are interested in the first book of "Cool Songs for Cool Kids," Jerald is offering a free PDF download of it if you email him at

You can also find and follow him on Facebook,Instagram and Twitter: @jeraldsimon. 


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