Handy Gal Tips: Beat the Heat

Staying cool does not have to be a chore this summer! GTU's got some quick and easy tips to beating the heat this summer!

Cool drink of water
Freeze a bottle of water. Keep it by your side, even place it in bed with you, the condensation on the outside of the bottle may dampen your bedding, but if you have a fan blowing, it will also help cool you down, not to mention the frosty ice. It is also nice to have a cool sip of water to rehydrate. Before you place the water in the freezer, take a sip, water expands when frozen, so you don't want to crack your plastic water bottle in the freezer. Don't forget your pulse points, placing the icy bottle on the inside of your wrists, elbows, knees, back of neck will help cool you down quick.

Stay hydrated
Drink plenty of fluids and avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol as they tend to dehydrate you faster. Water is the best, drinks with electrolytes are also important to keep you hydrated.

Evaporation Window and Bed Sheets
If the air outside is dry and cooler than the air inside your house you can hang a damp sheet in an open window, as incoming summer breezes hit the sheet, they are cooled by the evaporating water on the sheets. Mist the sheets when they get dry. Drop a few ice cubes in the misters and keep them in the refrigerator or cooler before use.
Also, sleep with a dampened cotton sheet on top of you, if you have a fan you can direct at the sheet. The evaporation process will also keep you a little cooler as the fan hits the sheet and cools you down. Remist as needed.

Keep them in the refrigerator
Keep sunblock in the refrigerator before use. It keeps it cool and refreshing when you apply. If you are outside, keep the sunblock in a cooler. Refreshing cold sunblock feels so much better on a hot sunny day. Much more refreshing an cool then stale water warmed by the sun. You can also keep facial toners, even your lotion in the refrigerator. Lotions with mint are also a great way to help you cool down.

Use the vent in the bathroom to help draw warm air from the home, especially if you are taking a shower. Make sure the vent is on when you hop in the shower, it will keep the humidity and heat from the shower from heating up the rest of your home.Make sure to keep the vent on after you shower to draw as much heat and humidity out of your home.

Fans and Air Conditioner
Even if you have an air conditioner, sometimes strategically placed fans can keep your home cooler. The air conditioners are cooling your air, but fans can help circulate the air. By doing this you may be able to run your air conditioner at a lower level because the fans can blow the cooler air where you need it most. Fans should only be left on in the rooms you are in, otherwise it's wasted energy.

Keeping cool at the computer
When not in use turn your computer off. Let it take a nap so the heat generated from your computer will not add to the heat level in your home. When you are at your computer, invest in a USB fan, they are fairly inexpensive and can keep you cool while you are working.

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