Green: the color of balance

We are drawn to color – different colors – every day through sight, taste and smell. We pick color through our clothes, but also through our makeup, our accessories and even the snack we are suddenly craving.

Green is the color of balance- balance in relationships with loved ones, yourself, colleagues, etc. Based in the heart chakra, green is used to create harmony and structure. It is a color that represents creating a balanced, caring and open heart and achieving balance in every area of someone’s life.

This color will help create an open and harmonious relationship with time, as well. When we are feeling frazzled or chaotic – oftentimes we are craving balance in our lives and a clearer connection with nature that can help us achieve more compassion, generosity and balance within one’s self.

That green smoothie in the morning – or a quick walk through a park – are simple ways to realign and balance our hearts. We may not realize what we’re seeking when we do this, but just think about how much better we feel afterwards.

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