Green Living Blogger Shares Her Secrets

Utah mom Sarah Bateman starts a blog about living a green life. Bateman says, "After years of people thinking my green lifestyle was weird, I started a blog where I could explain myself a bit."

Her blog, Desert Green Goddess, takes an encouraging approach to incorporating more green into daily lives. Bateman states some people may feel overwhelmed and sometimes threatened at the thought of living a green lifestyle and she wants her blog to be playful and informational to show how easy living green can be and invite others to join her.

It all started when Bateman decided to begin recording how much garbage her family produced. She says she did not take a scientific approach, instead she made a game of it. She made a goal to only take out the city-issued bin when it was full to its 96-gallon capacity. In 2011, she recorded her family of 5 took out the bins five times, and in 2012, only four times. She also noted she brought out the recycling bin once every other month. 

How she reduced the amount of garbage her family produced? Using reusable bags. Families can potentially use millions of plastic bags a year. Using reusable bags reduces that number significantly. Bateman says some bags may not be very pretty, but they all are functional and serve the same purpose. They have proven to reduce the waste produced in her life.

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