Get Your Kids Ready for A New School Year

Thanks to Lakeshore, education is fun and relevant this summer with a number of products that will have kids staying sharp and on top of their game for the approaching school year. Here are our top 6 favorite games that will help keep your child’s brain sharp and ready to return to school!

1.Are you Ready? (Kindergarten – 5th Grade) Game Shows ($29.99) helps parents assess whether their kids are ready and prepare them for the next grade level. It’s packed with 6 fun games that let kids become game-show contestants—winning pretend cash for each math or language question answered correctly. Plus, after completing each game, your child wins a reward coupon—and is treated to the prize of your choice!

2.Pop & Add to 20 Game ($26.99) prompts children to use dice poppers to create an addition problem with a sum up to 20, then place the matching number of apples on the write & wipe game board.

3.Launch & Learn Beginning Sounds Game ($29.99) As children play this action-packed game, they push, launch, match—and master beginning sounds! Children simply launch tiles from the dispenser & place them on the corresponding spots on their game mats…matching pictures to beginning sounds as they play!

4.STEM Science Station – Magnets ($39.99) Children use magnets to push cars up a ramp, move a magnetic mouse through a maze and more—as they learn all about magnetism & magnetic fields! Our innovative STEM Science Station encourages children to learn about magnetism through hands-on exploration.

5.United States Grab & Play Game ($19.99) As kids play this fun skill-building game, they explore the history and geography of all 50 states! The game includes a full-color map of the United States and 160 questions, plus a die and 40 point tokens. To play, children take turns rolling the die to select questions, then use their mapping skills and social studies knowledge to answer them.

6.Build & Learn Geometry Kit ($39.99) As students piece together over 200 sticks and connectors, they learn to build, identify and describe geometric shapes! 12 activity cards guide kids along as they build everything from a simple triangle to a rectangular prism…and practice identifying faces and edges, comparing shapes and more.

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