Get the Job with Good Body Language

The 3.5 Worst Mistakes Made in Job Interviews

Looking for a part time job since the kids are heading back to school?
Are you a student that is heading off to college and needing job?
Be the one to get the call that says, “your hired!”
Here are some crucial points to fix BEFORE you go to the interview.

1. Bad Posture – What does your full body appearance look like? Does your look bring value to the company? Looking valuable raises your chances of getting hired. Here are a couple points to consider:
NO crossing arms – Open arms show confidence and willingness.
Sit up – NO slouching – Sitting up straight shows strength and clarity.
Keep your fingers and hands still – NO fidgeting

2. Weak Handshake – The interview started before they ask you questions. Your handshake shows them how you would interact with others if face to face. Practice your handshake before you get there. Not to strong and not to soft. Find that handshake that sets you apart and shows that you have what it takes.

3. Zombie Eye contact – Do you have life in your eyes? Look at them. The one with the best eye contact tends to get remembered. That can lead to you being the one to get called. Don’t wait until you get there to practice. Practice in the mirror looking at yourself, practice with friends build up your ability to be relaxed and keep good eye contact. Remember to smile, the look of a smile raises your value.

3.5 Getting caught as a dum-dum - Don’t get caught not knowing about the company you want to work for. Look up their website and know as much as you can about them before you show up. Know their company mission statement or their core values it will add great bonus points to your score. Be ready to tell them how hiring you will improve their company. Use words and phrases from their website, mission statement, core values statement.

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