Get the English Country Garden Look for Your Home

If you like the English garden, cottage look, then you will love what Millcreek Gardens tips on how to get it. 

The secret to achieving the English garden look? Variety. Choosing plants of different heights, widths, colors, textures and blooming times is necessary for achieving this garden. But all of this variety can be intimidating and you may not know where to start.

Jeff from Millcreek Gardens makes it simple: 3 sets of 3. Choose a group of three plants of different shapes and sizes that bloom in early summer, another combination of different plants that bloom in mid summer and another group that blooms in late summer. This way, you have a mixture of all types of plants that bloom at different times of the season and as LaRene from Millcreek Gardens says, "Something is always blooming."

Some plant ideas:
  • Fountain grasses
  • Daisies
  • Golden Rod
  • Clematis
  • October Daphne Sedum
  • Golden Angelina Sedum
  • Hollowed flowers
  • Tall flowers
  • Ground cover
Featured Plants:

Early summer blooming:
  • Tall- Becky Shasta daisy
  • Med- Geranium Rozanne
  • Short- Cheddar Pinks Dianthus
Mid summer blooming:
  • Tall- Jupiter's Beard Centranthus Ruber
  • Med- Salvia May Night
  • Short- Coreopsis Early Sunrise
Late summer blooming:
  • Tall- Agastache Blue Fortune
  • Med- Golden Rod Little Lemon, Solidago
  • Short- October Daphne Sedum
  • Artemesia Powis Castle
  • Heuchera Dalestrain Coral Bells
  • Sedum Angelique
  • Dwarf Fountain Grass Hamein
  • Clematis Westerplate.
To honor the butterfly-attracting plant, Kahori Dianthus, Millcreek Gardens will be hosting a butterfly release June 20th and 21st for anyone to come watch and enjoy.

For more information on the butterfly release, visit or call (801) 487-4131

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