Get Rid of Sweaty Underarms For Good

Dr. Mark Jensen, plastic surgeon at Revere Health, joined Good Things Utah to address the issue of excessive sweating under the arms and what can be done to help the issue. 
His answer is miraDry. It is an FDA approved method of dealing with sweaty under arms. Dr. Jensen offers this treatment that takes about one hour. Side effects include under arm swelling for a couple of days. The features of miraDry include the following:
  • One or two treatments permanently reduces sweat.
  • MiraDry is for every adult.
  • No more staining the underarm of your shirts.
  • No more deodorant.
Dr. Jensen disclosed that some patients may require 2 treatments. The case for this would be if the patient has a condition called hyperhidrosis, which is when you excessively sweat. 
It's also a fantastic option for those that just sweat normally - they don't have to worry about odor or a little wetness showing on their shirt.
A few common questions you may have about miraDry have been answered by Dr. Jensen below. 
1. How does it work?
MiraDry is a non-invasive technology that uses electromagnetic energy to eliminate sweat and odor glands. It targets and destroys the sweat and odor glands in your underarm. Once those glands are gone they do not grow back.
3. Don't you need sweat glands?
The average person has 2 million sweat glands. We have two types: the first acts to cool you down by secreting a watery fluid onto the skin, the other one makes odor. Miradry removes the odor and sweat glands from a small area under your arms. That is a small fraction of the overall number of glands on your body. You can still sweat to cool down.
4. What is the cost?
It costs $1,995 for the first treatment.
Revere Health is running a special on miraDry for 25% off your treatment. Also, Dr. Jensen is giving away one treatment. Follow his Instagram @ markjensenplasticsurgery for the details.

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