Get Healthy with Nicea

Nicea and her husband, Scott, have set out to complete a new nutrition and fitness program. Dave from Total Health and Fitness shared that it's great to do the program with a spouse or a friend--having that support system really helps. Your support system helps with accountability and ensures that you'll stay strong, sensible, and successful.

The program has 3 steps:

1. Nutrition

• The entire family can eat the same thing
• THF provides recipes
• Meal planning helps save money and time shopping

2. Fitness

• The workout plans makes it really easy and the consultant shows you how to properly do each exercise on the plan.  Nicea says she feels like a pro at the gym, when previously she always felt intimidated to do certain things.

3. Accountably

• Nicea loves how her goals are measured each week to make sure she reach her fitness goal! Having Scott do the program with her will help keep her motivated.

Total Health and Fitness is offering You and Your Spouse, Partner or Friend $200 Off When Two People Sign Up for a 12-Week Program!!!

Get healthy with Nicea and Scott!

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