Fitness Success Story: Why Persistence is Key to Achieving Fitness Goals

How do you even begin the journey of losing 130 pounds? According to Jennifer Howell, of South Jordan, you just have to start!

After a devastating car accident, and dealing with immense pain in her leg on a daily basis Jennifer found that the more pain she had the less she moved, and the less she moved the more she weighed.

Finally after not being able to be as involved with her family and friends as she would have liked Jennifer made the decision to start a new chapter in her life.

With the help of Total Health and Fitness, Jennifer was able to change her eating habits and create a meal plan that worked for her. She learned to look at the whole picture of health rather than focusing on just diet or just exercise. Jennifer found that balancing the two yielded significant results.

Now Jennifer, 130 pounds lighter, is still losing weight! She loves being able to get around and stay active with her friends and family!

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