5 Fashion Mistakes That Age You

Nicea found THIS ARTICLE on YahooShine.com and wanted to know....what does a fashion stylist think? Nick Scott gives his opinion on the following mistakes that supposedly age you.

"Fashion Mistakes That Age You- from YahooShine.com

Dressing Too Trendy 
Unless you're on an unlimited budget, steer clear of fashions that seem very in-the-moment, advises New York City-based celebrity wardrobe stylist Alana Kelen; you won't be able to wear them for very long before they (and you) look dated and behind the times. "Rather than invest in pieces that may be passé by next season, stick to classic, sophisticated items that will stand the test of time," she says. That doesn't mean you can't infuse some edgier styles into your wardrobe, though. "Look to trends that are here to stay: leather, military, dark florals, plaid, and slimmer cuts such as tailored pants and pencil skirts."

Being Nostalgic About Clothes 
"When giving private clients a fashion overhaul, I find they tend to hang onto things that just don't fit right," says Kelen. "Some are way too big and boxy; some are so small you can barely button them-but they keep them, either because they spent a lot of money on them or because they have sentimental value." Consider having these pieces tailored, if possible, so you can continue to wear them with confidence, she suggest. Otherwise, donate them, sell them to a second-hand store, or take them out of your closet and store them as memories-not as part of your current wardrobe.

Going Too Tight (or Too Loose)
Anything in the extreme-whether it's too tight, too loose, too short, too long-can draw negative attention, says psychologist Jennifer Baumgartner, author of You Are What You Wear, especially if you're visibly uncomfortable or self-conscious while you're wearing it. "If you're 80 years old and you're rocking a skin-tight leopard mini skirt and you feel great, then you'll look great too," she says. "But if you're wearing it because you think it will make you look younger-and you're ignoring the fact that you're bulging out of it-then that's all anyone else is going to see." But don't go too far in the other direction, either.

Not Wearing a Belt 
"For looser silhouettes that may be comfortable but not ultra flattering, my rule of thumb is to add a belt," says Kelen. "Choose one that matches for an overall slimmer picture, or one with a contrasting color to really highlight a slim waist and hourglass figure." During colder months, Kelen even uses this trick with coats: "It's a great way not to get lost in the heavier material of outerwear," she says. "Seek out a thicker, wider belt that is substantial enough for the bulk."

Dressing Too Young 
Wearing something that your daughter (or granddaughter) might pick out? Chances are, people will notice-but not the way you want them to. "In our society, we expect to see certain trends from certain age groups," says Baumgartner. "If you're a 50-year-old woman and you dress like a 9-year-old or a 19-year-old, it's not going to gel with our expectations. The incongruence can be pretty harsh, and it can accentuate your age rather than hide it."

Mismatching Tops and Bottoms 
Wearing styles that don't work well together is unflattering for all ages, and can add years to an otherwise youthful appearance, says Kelen. "A great rule of thumb is that if you're wearing a skinny silhouette on the bottom, choose a more forgiving, flowy piece on top. Or flip it: If wearing a tighter top, add a looser, flared skirt or a wide-leg pant to balance out the proportions." Not only does this strategy let you show off your best assets, but it can also hide the trouble spots you're not totally confident about.

Falling for Color Trends 
"This coming season, pastels will be everywhere-but unless they are a good fit for your complexion, they can make you look washed out and tired," says Kelen. Instead of banking on fads that will come and go, curate your wardrobe to have a strong base of classic colors like black, navy, gray, olive, camel, and white. "Use accent colors-like red, purple, cobalt, and emerald-to fill it out and add a punch," she suggests. "Add a perfect pastel accessory, for example, like a pretty tote, statement earrings, or pointy-toe pumps.""

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