Dress Up Your Outdoor Bench

Make your front porch warm and welcoming with a couple easy tricks. How can we do that? With stencils! 

Amber Packer with Bloomin' Memories showed us how easy it is to use stencils and how they can make that old bench you've had for years a new and nifty piece of furniture.

From fun patterns like polka dots and chevron to cute words and fonts, you can personalize any piece of furniture (or even pillows and doors!) you think needs a little face lift. 

Update your front porch with Hazel and Ruby stencil masks. Let your imagination run wild.

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Chevron Stencil-Mask
Dear Ruby Stencil-Mask
Blindside Stencil-Mask

Also used: Paint, baby wipes, sand paper.

1. A bench that needs a pick me up.
2. Sand, if needed.
3. Prime unfinished wood.
4. Decide which stencil masks you'd like to use and where.
5. Paint first color (The color that will be where the mask is).
6. Apply a clear coat on the base color.
7. When dry, apply stencil-masks as desired.
8. Paint top color.
9. Remove stencil mask and clean.
10. Apply a top coat, if desired.


1. Cut burlap 1" larger than the size of the pillow.
2. Lay out stencil-masks, as desired.
3. Paint and remove stencil-mask.
4. Allow to dry.
5. Sew front and back together. For fun, add a decorative fringe.
6. Stuff pillow in and hand sew to complete.
7. Add embellishments, add to bench and enjoy.

**Join the Hazel and Ruby blog hop on May 19 & 20 to see how Amber finished this darling pillow.

Follow Packer's blog, www.AmberPacker.com, for more fun and easy Do-It-Yourself ideas

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