DIY Silver Stamped Jewelry

Create your very own one of a kind jewelry with this technique that is all the rage! Stephanie Chavez is a jewelry and mixed media artist, and instructor. 

She is a diverse artist, proficient in many mediums and is a certified PMC instructor. As an instructor Stephanie’s current classes bring to life the creativeness of the students through fun and easy workshops. Anyone can create a special work of art! Everything a you may need as a student, such as instructions, tools, supplies and materials for the workshops is provided.

Materials and Tools:
  • Copper sheet
  • Metal shears
  • Metal files
  • Flux
  • Lead-free solder – make sure is it lead FREE!
  • Rubber stamp
  • Butane touch
  • Cement brick
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Steel wool (0000)
  • Cut your copper sheet into desired shape. **Always use gloves and safety glasses. Sheet metal can be sharp!** File edges smooth. Clean metal so it is free of any oils.
  • Brush copper with flux, with your butane torch slightly heat the copper metal on the brick. While holding your torch in one hand and solder in another heat the solder until a small bead drops on the copper sheet. Heat a little more enabling it to spread out. Turn off torch and set aside. **Always use lead-free solder and work in a well ventilated area. As a precaution always have a fire extinguisher on hand.**
  • Immediately press the rubber stamp into the liquid solder. Let stand for 15-30 seconds. If metal stick to stamp remove with twisters, it will be hot! You can quench in a bucket of water to cool it instantly. **Make sure to use a rubber stamp, the clear ones will melt**
  • File and remove any rough edges.
  • Paint entire surface with black acrylic paint. Let dry and then buff off with some steel wool.
  • Hang from chain and embellish as desired.
To learn more about Stephanie visit her website at

Stephanie Chavez - 801-502-5206

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