DIY Letter Board Sign

Amber Packer showed us how to display our favorite words on a DIY letter board sign.

Supplies (For 8x10):

  • 8” x 10” Metal Frame (Interior depth of at least ¾” with spring-loaded backing clips)
  • 10” x 24” Felt
  • 9 – 3/16” x 36” square dowels
  • Plastic Letter Board Letters

Also Used: Pencil, Eraser, scissors, ruler, gift card, liquid or hot glue, mitre saw or hand saw and spray paint, if you want to change the color of the letters.

Instructions: (Measurements are for 8x10. Remember you can make your project any size)

1. Cut the following from 3/16” dowels:

  • 2 - 9 ¾” pieces (1 dowel)
  • 32 - 7 ¾” pieces (8 dowels)
    • Hint: 8 slats spaced 1/8” apart cover approximately 2 ½”.

2. Lay two 9 ¾” pieces vertically and glue two 7 ¾” pieces on the top and bottom to create base. Allow glue to dry.

3. Begin gluing the remaining slats in place keeping slats spaces 1/8” apart (use something to space, if possible)

  • Tip: Place a few dowels and make sure the plastic letters fit. There should be room for the felt.

4. Using a gift card or ruler, begin tucking the felt into the holes between the slats. Hold down the felt on the slats you’ve already tucked in so you don’t pull out the felt while tucking in the next slats. This might be the trickiest part.

  • Tip: I ran a light bead of glue along the top of the slats, tucked a few and allowed them to dry before proceeding.

5. Cut excess felt, leaving approximately 1” on all four sides, (approx. 5/8” of felt per slat).

6. Pop in frame. You will only be able to secure the spring-loaded clips on two sides.

7. Add letter board letters. Hint: I spray painted mine.


Find Amber Packer on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @amberpacker and online at

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