DIY Feather Wreath for Under $20

"Gorgeous DIY Feather Wreath"

Designed by: Amber Packer

Seriously gorgeous DIY feather wreath you CAN make yourself – and for under $20! 


Felt squares – 6 (or ¼ yard 48” wide felt)
Feather packages – 8 (color: rain)
Wreath form – 18” 1 ½” wide satin ribbon – 8 ft.
Also used:
Hot glue, glue gun, flat head pins, scissors or rotary cutter


Felt: $1.50 (6 pieces at $0.25 each)
Cut 2” x 12” strips of felt from the felt squares.
You will need about 22’ total or 22 – 2” x 12” strips.
If you are using felt by the yard, cut the equivalent.
Wrap felt around the wreath form and hold in place using push pins as needed.

This step helps to provide a Feathers: $12.60 (8 packages $1.99 each – 30%)

Glue feathers to wreath form with the feathers curving away and out from the wreath.
***I only used the medium to large sized feathers***
Alternate the position of the feathers, filling in gaps.
I ended up spacing the feathers closer that I intended because I wanted a full wreath. You can use less feathers if you space them farther apart.

Ribbon: $1.50 (on sale 50% off)
Cut the following lengths of 1 ½” ribbon: 3 ½”, 9, 15 ½”, and two 32”
Wrap the 15 ½” piece around, overlap slightly and glue together.
Wrap the 3 ½” piece around folded 15 ½” piece.
Overlap and glue in the back covering the seam.
Cut a “v” from one end of each 32” ribbon pieces.
Glue together at a slight angle.
Adhere long ribbon pieces to back of bow.
Add 9” piece to top of wreath using glue and push pins to hold in place.
Hang wreath and let the wreath settle and hang normally.
This ensures the bow is in the right place.
Add bow to wreath using pins. (Do not flatten against wreath)

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