DIY Camp Chairs

Published 07/30 2014 11:41AM

Updated 07/31 2014 09:53AM

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Items Needed:
  • 1” PVC Pipe (They come in 10 foot lengths so you just need one per chair.
  • 7 inches x 18 inches Outdoor Fabric or Canvas
  • 8 PVC Elbows
  • PVC Pipe Cutters
  • Acetone
  • (2) 3” bolt with nut
  • Cut your PVC Pipe into (4) 15 inch pieces, (2) 10 inch pieces and (2) 7 inch pieces
  • Using the Acetone, remove the black writing on the pipe. (I can’t believe how easy this was to do!)
  • In the middle of all (4) 15 inch pieces, (and I am talking the EXACT middle), drill a hole big enough for your 3” screw.
  • Cut your Canvas to be 7 inches x 18 inches. Finish the edges as desired. (hint: I feel like it would be much easier to do this with bigger casings so it can go over the elbows, so if I were to do it all over again I would start it at 8 inches wide (more convenient for bum size) and make it 21 inches long)
  • Measure and sew a 2.5 inch casing on each side, enough to slide the PVC pipe through (hint: I discovered it would be nice to have this be even larger so it would slide over the elbow and make the fabric on the seat more smooth…. maybe do 3 inch casings)
  • Thread the Canvas through one 7” PVC pipe and one 10 inch PVC pipe.
  • Using the 15 inch PVC, make (2) rectangles, one with the 7 inch top and bottom, and the other with the 10 inch top and bottom. hint: Make sure the rectangles are put together really tight. If you don’t your chair can be all kinds of interesting crooked!
  • Criss cross your rectangles and line up the holes in the middle. Put the bolt through the holes.

Each chair costs about $7, and it is big enough for a TINY bum (like 4 years old or younger) so this is a great option to have on hand for your little ones to take camping!

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