Display Your Heart On Your Front Door

Make your own Rosette Heart Wreath with this DIY design from Amber Packer. For more ideas visit amberpacker.com or follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @amberpacker.
  • 3 1/3 yards red 72” felt (or any color)
  • 2” x 2’ x 4’ foam insulation (or Premade Wreath Form)
Also used:
  • Fabric scissors, flat heat pins, serrated kitchen knife or foam cutting tool, hot glue gun and glue sticks.
  1. Decide on the size of your heart. My door is 36” wide, I decided on a foam heart with the outer dimensions of 20” w X 25 ½” h. When complete, the heart will be about 26” w X 30” h.
HINT: I like wreaths that are substantial, but still leave about 4 – 6” of the door showing on the sides.
Heart Form:
Because I wanted the heart form in a size that could not be purchased from a craft store, I needed to make my own wreath base. I purchased 2” x 2’ x 4’ insulation foam from my local hardware store. I then drew a heart, scanned it and printed it large (using multiple pieces of paper). I hung the pattern on my door to make sure I liked the sizing.
  • Tape the pattern to one side of the insulation foam and cut using a serrated knife (of foam cutting tool, I used a serrated knife). This process is messy. Keep the vacuum close by and vacuum often.
  • Using serrated knife, shape the top of the heart
Felt Flowers:
  • Cut: 3 yards of felt into 6x6 squares
  • Cut: 3-4, 1 ½” x 72” felt strips
  • Wrap with heart form with felt strips. Secure using flat head pins
  • Hand cut spiral flower forms (image on www.amberpacker.com)
HINT: If you would rather not cut out the spiral flowers, check out the Stampin’ Up Spiral Flower Die and Big Shot die cutter
  • Roll spiral flower rosette, starting at the outside edge. Coil a little loose. (A tighter coil will result in a smaller flower).
  • Add hot glue (low setting) to flower center. Press center with glue to coiled felt to create flower shape.
  • Glue finished flowers to wreath form.
  • Add a ribbon to hand from

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