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Looking for alternative education for students not wanting a 4 year degree? Many jobs recently have been focused on creating ways to make more buzz on Pinterest or Instagram. Market Campus is a nine week in-depth online marketing training. This is ideal for recent high school graduates not interested in a four year degree, working Utahns who want a way to get an education while still working (classes are at night and on Saturdays).

What is Market Campus?

Market Campus is a 9-week digital marketing bootcamp in Provo. Within the 9 weeks, you'll be trained on everything you need to know to have a successful career in digital marketing. Market Campus is teaching people SEO (search engine optimization), how to create and promote viral content, and how to build up quality social media followings. When you graduate the course, you'll get a certification that you can take to employers letting them know you completed the course, and land a job, or use the skills you learned.

Who is this class for?

When it was originally launched, Market Campus pictured the average student being a young college age guy, looking to get into the marketing industry. They are getting those students but we are also getting a more diversified audience than they imagined. Market Campus teaches men and women who have their own blogs or websites looking to optimize their online presence and they are having business owners pay for their marketing person through the course to get a little "brushing up". You have be at least a little tech savvy for the course. By that we mean you use social media yourself, you know how the internet works, etc. What Market Campus doesn't teach is how to create a website. They teach people how to get people there.

For those interested, how does one sign up for this? The next course actually starts next Monday (Sept 8th) and there are some seats still available! You can go to to fill out an application. They'll take a look at it and if the school feels you're a good fit for the program, they'll get you setup for the course. You can also apply for our next course which begins October 8th.

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