Could You Live Off $1.50/Day of Food?

Klorisa Porter is a Volunteer Manager at Rising Star Outreach and Claire Whitney is a student volunteer from Park City High School. Together they are raising awareness about global poverty with their campaign Live Below the Line.

What is Rising Star Outreach?
A nonprofit aiding those affected by leprosy in India. We aid in a holistic approach : 1. Medical 2. Economic Rehabilitation 3. Education

Volunteers- Volunteers can come to India and be part of the three pillars and work with the medical team, help with construction projects and tutor in the school. We have found that the main thing they do is bring self esteem and happiness to those they serve.

Challenge- Not everyone can go to India , and there are so many ways to help with Rising Star Outreach's mission. One is to join us in a global poverty awareness campaign called Live Below the Line. This campaign asks you and your friends and family to experience how over 1.2 billion people live, almost 4 times the population of the US. For 5 days (April 28- May 2) live on $1.50 of food. We are asking you and your viewers to join us and take up the challenge! Can you do it?

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