Common Mistakes That Prevent Weight Loss

There are numerous things that can cause someone to stop making progress, but over and over David of Total Health and Fitness has found his team having to help clients fix the same few issues. The mistakes are very simple to fix if you have the right guidance, and today we are going to give you the keys for success in losing fat and toning up. If balanced correctly these principals will work for everyone.

Mistake 1 - Not eating enough food! We have all heard that eating more often is better for weight loss, but why? 
Science has proven that eating regularly causes your body to burn calories! David shared that his clients increase their calories throughout the program with Total Health and Fitness. It scares most people to hear that, but when you are losing weight each week, it's not so scary. 

Mistake 2 - Not balancing each meal correctly.  Each meal has to be catered to different calorie and carb needs based on what you are doing at that time. When you are planning a meal aim for it to have all of the different types of calories (protein, carbs, and fats) in it to make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to function properly. 

Mistake 3 - Not exercising progressively. If you have been doing the same exercise program for more than a month... it has stopped working. Muscles require a constant increase in stress to keep changing. If you expect results, you must frequently change your exercise program! 

For our viewers who are at home who are frustrated that they can not get in shape, you can find out what they are doing wrong. This week Total Health and Fitness is offering to analyze your current eating, exercise, and body composition for free. Viewers can call the office or go online and request a free consultation. Total Health and Fitness will sit down with you and help figure out what mistakes you are making.

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