Combining Perennials & Annuals

“Combining Perennials & Annuals”

There are particular combinations that can work better for plants based on color, growth habit and growing conditions.

Monochromatic = One color VS. Complimentary = Multiple colors playing off each other

Thrillers (up) – Spillers(down) and Fillers (around).

Now is a good time to start combining Perennials (plants that return each year) and Annuals (need to be replaced each year) just remember to help improve your success with soil amendments like Gardner & Bloom Soil Boosting Compost. Let’s talk about three different kinds of combinations based on GROWING CONDITIONS.

Group #1: Shade
Perennial: Hosta “Shade Fanfire” (green on green varigation)
Perennial: Dicentra/Bleeding Heart “Gold Heart” (gold foliage)
Perennial: Coral Bells “Fire Chief” (dark red foliage)
Perennial: Japanese Forest Grass (green with white vein varigation)
Annual: Coleus (multi-colored foliage)
Annual: Begonias (glossy leafs with red or white flowers)
Annual: Ipomea “Batatas Black” (black vine)

Group #2: Succullent/Waterwise
Perennial: Guara/Indian Feather “Passionate Rainbow” (variegated tall foliage)
Perennial: Sage “Heatwave Sparkle” (fragrant foliage)
Perennial: Sedum (dark fleshy foliage – flowers in fall)
Perennial: Delosperma/Ice Plant (light green fleshy foliage – brilliants flower)
Perennial: Lupine (tall cone like flowerburst)
Annual: Portulaca/Moss Ross (similar looking to ice plant with smaller foliage)

Group #3: Pop of Color
Perennial: Moonshadow Winter Creeper (variegated evergreen foliage on woody stems)
Perennial: Dicentra/Bleeding Heart (flowers that look like hearts)
Annual: Dracena (tall spiky foliage)
Annual: Superbells (creeping petunias)
Supplemental annual: Geranium “Wilhelm Lagguth” (multiple colored foliage)
Supplemental annual: Coleus (multi-colored foliage)
Supplemental annual: Dianthus (fragrant carnation type flower)
Supplemental annual: Margerite Daisy (repeat flowering)

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