Clean Carpet with Zerorez

Jake Stone of Zerorez demonstrated a major flaw in the carpet cleaning industry in a fun way today on GTU. Jake joined Reagan with shampoo in his hair to help explain his point. When we shampoo our hair in the shower, we do not leave the shampoo in—no one wants crunchy hair! We need the soap to break down the oils and dirt in our hair, but it takes a lot of running water in the shower to rinse it all out. The carpet cleaning industry uses soaps and detergents to clean carpet, but there’s no way to rinse it all out. Studies show that 25-30% of everything they put into the carpet stays behind. This is problematic because in order to get the soap out, carpet cleaning companies are usually forced to use too much water, soaking the pad, and causing long dry times. In addition to this problem soap is a dirt magnet, so the carpet gets dirtier faster.

Zerorez has the answer to this problem. Zerorez uses Empowered Water to break down the dirt and oil in the carpet. Zero soaps and detergents needed and so there’s zero residue left over when the water dries. No more crunchy carpet

Good Things Utah paired up with Zerorez to get viewers a great offer! Call 801-288-ZERO or visit Zerorez online to get your carpet cleaned for $31 per room, and a free $25 gift card to Boondocks.

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