Choices in Childbirth

Once a couple decides they want to have a baby, a whole new world of choices opens up. It’s an exciting and nerve wracking time to say the least. With guidance they can make knowledgeable choices and feel a sense of control about the adventure as it unfolds.
Some of the questions I hear couples ask are: How do we decide which doctor to see? How will I prepare for childbirth? What classes are available? What childbirth method will I use? Where will I deliver my baby? How much is this going to cost?
It is exciting that we have these choices but it can also be overwhelming. We have had more couples now than we have ever seen coming in to tour our facility. With the changes in health care, I believe the consumer is more engaged and aware that they have a choice in who takes care of them throughout their pregnancy and where they go to deliver. Women want a provider and a venue where they know their choices will be heard and supported.
LDS Hospital works closely with our patients, obstetricians & midwives to provide the best care possible. They offer:

  • 24/7 anesthesia coverage, which means we have an anesthesiologist readily available for emergencies as well as for women who have chosen to have epidurals during labor.
  • Nurses that are specially trained to support women who want epidurals as well as those who chose alternative methods to cope with the “discomfort” of labor. I’m proud to say we’ve developed a strong reputation in the community for being supportive of women who have decided they want their birth to be as natural/low intervention as possible.
  • We help over 200 women a month bring their babies into the world. This miracle never becomes routine. The providers and nurses at LDS Hospital are profoundly aware of the amazing opportunity we all play a role in this life changing event We want to make it the best experience possible.
  • Childbirth education classes to help you prepare that range from third trimester birthing classes, hypnobirthing, and breastfeeding to post-partum Mommy and Me classes.

For more information or to schedule a tour of LDS Hospital Labor & Delivery visit their website or call 801-408-3460.

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