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Two Utah-based songwriters have joined forces to win the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Cherie Call, of Spanish Fork, and Lyndy Butler, of Hurricane, recently collaborated on an album of original children’s songs, one track being selected as a Grand Prize Winner in the Children’s category of the popular songwriting competition.

Their song, The Astronaut and the Mermaid, is about two characters from different worlds becoming friends. “The idea came from Lyndy,” explained Cherie. “We had been collaborating on a lot of different songs when she created a Google Doc where we could edit our lyrics, and she named it ‘An Astronaut-Mermaid Collaboration’. I was taken by the imagery that came from that title. I knew it had to be a song. I originally thought it would be a great song for my own kids. I have three daughters and a son, and I wish they could play happily together more often. I wanted them to see that the dolls and the robots could be friends. The idea started there, and then as I kept working on it, I realized it was also about my children trying to get my attention and invite me into their worlds.”

Since releasing their children’s album last summer, called “The Buddy System”, Cherie and Lyndy have heard from people of all ages who have especially been inspired by the song, The Astronaut and the Mermaid. “It’s been overwhelming to hear from parents of children with special needs who are hoping their kids will find genuine friends like the characters in the song, and who love the message. We’ve also heard from adults who feel softened by the simple story, and have an increased desire to find common ground with people they don’t agree with on politics, religion, and other controversial topics; to realize they can still be friends even though they’re not exactly the same. I love that so much. It all came from Lyndy Butler’s brilliant title,” Cherie explained.

The John Lennon Songwriting Contest has different levels. Cherie and Lyndy won the grand prize in the Session II Children’s category of 2016, earning them a reward of $8000 worth of musical instruments and recording equipment. They now move on to the next level, the Lennon Awards where they compete in a head to head competition with the Session I Children’s Category winners, Josh and the Jamtones. Friends and fans can vote for their favorite of the two songs at The winner will be announced May 1. The children’s category is one of 12 categories, including Pop, Rock, Country, etc, each with their own voting competitions for the Lennon Awards. The 12 winners of those competitions will then be the finalists for the $20,000 Song of the Year prize, which is chosen by judges. 

“Our competitors have been on some of the most popular shows on Nickelodeon. We’re kind of the underdogs, so we really need those votes! We love our Utah fans. And we’d love to share the peaceful message of our song with an even bigger audience, with their help,” Call added.

Those casting daily votes are automatically entered into a drawing to win an electric guitar.

You can listen to the song here:

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