Capturing Candids of Kids

Taking photos of your children can be a challenge -- between uncooperative siblings and forced smiles, it can sometimes seem like capturing the adorable moments in your child’s life is impossible. Expert photographer Benjamin Combs joined GTU on the set today to give you the best guidelines for capturing a great candid photo.
With candid photos do not set out to create a moment to capture – let the moment create itself and then make sure you are ready to click. Candid means “truthful and straightforward. Frank.” In photography, this means capturing a scene just as it is rather than manipulating the situation. There is no, “Please look here!”, “Just smile!”, or “Can you do that again?” Instead, it’s just watching and clicking.
1) Have Your Camera Ready – Keep your camera ready and charged in the rooms that you spend the most time with your child. When you see an adorable moment taking place having your camera within reach is the easiest way to capture your child playing in a natural and organic environment.
2) Do not pose your subjects – Part of the appeal of candid photos is the sense that they were captured “in the moment.” Prompting the subject to “look here” and “smile a little bigger” works for older models, but can create uncomfortable looking children. People look relaxed and at ease when they're engaged in activity. Give your child an activity that will keep their minds off of the lens to help them appear more natural.
3) Do not get too close – Stepping back allows your child to feel more at ease.
4) Be patient – Sometimes it takes awhile to find the right moment for a good candid photo. It is normal to have to wait a little while for your subject to produce the perfect giggle or hair flip.
5) Don’t use the flash – Nothing is more distracting to a child than a large flash of light illuminating the room. Turn your flash off and widen your aperture if you must adjust for lower light.

To have Ben take candid photos of your children and family contact him at 972-971-7529 or by email at

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