Burst Out of Your Browns

Published 08/04 2014 10:23AM

Updated 08/04 2014 11:04AM

Nicea got some great tips from makeup expert Bobbi Farnworth about adding color to everyday eye shadow. Often times women get stuck in a rut of brown and neutral eye shadow, but colored eye shadow is something you do not need to be afraid of. 

To make sure your colored eye shadow looks great always use a primer. Eye Shadow Primer should be applied onto bare skin. Primer will make your eye shadow stick and the colors be more vivid. Use eyeliner with your eye shadow to prevent the shape of your eye from changing. Starting with a brown base and adding color on top can be a more subtle way to add some variety to your makeup routine.

Bobbi also brought another tip for helping your eyes look awake. After you do your eye shadow, take a makeup wipe and wrap it around your finger. Wipe the eye shadow off following the natural curve of your waterline.


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