Behind the Scenes of "Wicked"

Wicked is back in town and we couldn't be happier! It will be wowing the Salt Lake audiences until August. Nicea met with Gina Beck, the actress who plays Glinda, and took a ride on her famous bubble. Gina has ridden the bubble over 900 times but says it still never gets old and that the reaction she gets from the audience when she comes in is always a thrill. So many iconic actresses have play Glinda, but Gina says that the producers allowed her to play around with the role and make it her own. So no matter who you've seen play Glinda in the past you are sure to see something new with Gina. 

As the bubble came down from the sky Nicea realized just what she was getting herself into and with a 'toss toss' of her hair, high heels kicked off and wand in hand she stepped into the bubble and up she went. Once above the stage she saw just how high up she really was and with only a safety harness around her she clutched a little tighter to the wand and her microphone. If she is ever a princess, Nicea says, she definitely wants bubbles and a wand like Glinda's. 

If you want to see Wicked there are still plenty of tickets available and they can be purchased online at

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