Become More Productive Than Ever

At the end of the day, have you ever thought, “I got nothing done today?” Clearly you weren’t sitting on the couch staring into space all day, but somehow you weren’t feeling like you were “getting things done”. Maybe because you don’t feel productive unless you are ‘getting’ your “To Do” list done.

One of today’s challenges is that there are so many good things you can do with your time. But when it comes to our time allocation, we usually try to get the most ‘urgent’ things done first or complete the things that irrationally make us feel productive like going to the grocery store. BUT our “To Do” list doesn’t necessarily reflect what we value in life. For example, you might think it’s more important to help out a friend that is in need than go to the grocery store, but you don’t feel productive because you didn’t get your “Go to the grocery store ‘To Do’ DONE”.

The Overbeingwhelmed app solves the problem of feeling like you "didn't get anything done today". With so many "good" competing objectives (family, friends, work, health, fun, education, spirituality), it is easy to feel you aren't getting anything done. With this app you will define your to-do list by good, better and best. You will be patting yourself on the back for getting the things done that are most important to you!

The goal at Overbeingwhelmed is to change womens’ mindsets so they give themselves credit for doing the “best” things. It started not to make money, in fact the app is Free, but the makers wanted to have a tool to start the conversation for women that gives them a break, and rewards them for doing what is most important.

We know there are tons of “To-Do” lists available, but none are like Overbeingwhelmed. It focuses on women and prioritizes according to each women’s core values. Before Overbeingwhelmed there also wasn’t any way for women to pat themselves on the back when they do what is most important to them, but maybe not traditionally viewed as “productive” like doing homework with your children.

How It's Different from Other Apps:
• Designed by women for women.
• Focuses on helping you prioritize how you spend your time according to good, better and best and your personal values.
• You can share your "Victories" (completed to dos) on your social networks.
• You receive rewards, badges and points by doing what you value most.

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