Back to School Supplies that Sparkle

Beaded Pens and Pencils

Lisa Berrett joined Nicea and Troy in the studio today with a fun way to sass up pens and pencils just in time for heading back to school! 


Double sided tape
Fine glitter
Tiny beads
Duct tape

  1. Wrap double sided tacky tape around your pen or pencil
  2. Optional: Before you add the tacky tape, cover your writing utensil in duck tape for a different look.
  3. On a paper plate pour out a small amount of beads or glitter
  4. Roll your pen in the glitter and press with your hand
  5. Embellish the top of your pen with a rhinestone, flower or bead

Enjoy this fun way to ‘bling’ that pen you will be using at school, home or office -- yours will be the talk of the room.

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