Answering Your Facebook Health Questions

Zak Zarbock from Families First Pediatrics answered a few questions you posted on our Facebook Page:

Jill- I have an 11 year old and 13 year old who suffer from insomnia and was wondering if melatonin is safe for kids and how much is ok or how much is too much?

Tina-What to do for growing pains...?

Lyndsey- Daughter is 18 m old.... She still doesn't say many words. Points and jabbers a ton. Loves books. Understands when I ask her to bring me something... Just will not talk!!! Barely says ma, hi, bye, mostly grunts and babbles. Should I be worried? Any tips or tricks to get her talking? I feel like she is just being stubborn!

April- Are there underlying health or nutrition issues that could show up as ADD/ADHD symptoms?

Jennifer- How long do I let my son's cough go till I take him in. Its been 2 weeks & now it's turning into that croupy cough.

Ashley-Do kids grow out of night terrors? My 5 year old has a night terror about once every two weeks.

Families First Pediatrics is at 1268 West South Jordan Parkway in South Jordan. (801) 254-9700.

You can also visit their website:

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