After Hours Medical

Dr. Rachot owns and operates 8 urgent care clinics along the Wasatch Front. After Hours Medical has been around for over 13 years and they do things a little differently than other after hour clinics.

After Hours Medical offers a medical membership program that gives the uninsured or those with high deductibles access to high-quality, affordable care. 

The average member pays about a dollar a day (per person) and ten dollars a visit. The program has been in existence for over four years and as deductibles have soared, so too has the demand for the program. Today, Dr. Rachot sees the membership program playing a vital role in making basic healthcare affordable again.

One of the popular features of the membership program is the 24 hour "Tele-medicine" hotline. Members can call anytime for answers to medical questions or issues. If the question or issue can be addressed over the phone, they do it and help the member avoid a visit to the clinic.

A few examples of what medical questions or issues that can be answered on the phone:
  • Medication refills for a established patients.
  • Rash and minor burn assessment via pictures or streaming video
  • Sore throat, fever and headache assessment.
  • Minor cut assessment via pictures or streaming video
  • Basic medical questions... think a live WebMD

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