A Yummy Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday Kong!

Here at GTU we love to celebrate, so when Macey’s told us that they had a birthday celebration coming up we quickly cleared our schedule to make sure we were able to join in on the fun. Kong has been a beloved part of the Macey’s band since the introduction of the Kong Kone in 1991. He officially became Macey’s mascot 2-years ago. Kong is a fun-loving, ice cream-eating gorilla. We loved all the snacks brought to the studio, but our favorite was the most famous Kong Kones: 1 pound of soft serve ice cream, chocolate, vanilla or twist! Another tasty treat are the Kong Doughnuts which are made fresh from scratch each day.

Festivities for Kong’s Birthday are sure to be a ton of fun!
Doughnut Walks: Each day next week at 3, 5 and 6 p.m.
Kong Kone eating contest (1 pound of delicious soft serve ice cream in your favorite flavor, chocolate, vanilla or twist!) 2 p.m. in the deli (winner will receive a t-shirt and photo on kong’s wall of fame in the deli) Winner will receive free Kong Kones for a year.

Great Prices in the Ad: Shop with us for great prices on Kong’s Cereal, Kong’s Tortilla chips, Kong’s ice cream, Kong Korn and more!
FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY: Go to Macey’s facebook page to win a basket full of Kong items with a $50 gift card to Macey’s!

OR Come celebrate with us by picking up any Macey’s branded item (all made locally).

Macey’s has 12 store locations, so you are sure to find a location near you. Visit their website for more information.

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