A New Way to Scrapbook

Nicea and Jessie are with Carrie from Stampin' Up to see a new guilt-free way to scrapbook. It's not about elaborate pages and hours of time spent anymore. Project Life from Stampin' up wants to help you spend time making memories not scrapbooking them.

This quick and simple way to scrapbook allows you to slide your pictures into pockets on a page, add some cute pre-designed cards and voila -- you've made a memory. 

Your kids love to look through your phone at the pictures you've taken and now they can thumb through an album and remember the fun times you've shared. This is a solution-based approach to scrapbooking that requires no glue, no scissors, no tools and no skills of any kind. 

Visit Stampin' up to start your next scrapbook page!

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