A Game to Get Just in Time for Christmas

Are your little ones giddy with the holiday spirit? Tanner Yarro, the inventor and founder of Proto Toys told us what toy to keep our eyes on this Christmas.
Proto Toys started as a group of guys who, much like Peter Pan himself, have never quite been able to grown up. They say being young means sharing in a world of wonder, magic and imagination. They believe that a child’s imagination is the world’s most valuable asset and should never be stifled or trifled with.Therefore they strive to create innovative toys than spark nostalgia, creativity, and spontaneous laughter. 
The popular Utah-based company, Proto Toys, has its latest children’s toy is flying off toy store shelves in the first weeks of holiday shopping. The company has released popular toys in the past and "Build or Boom" is creating the biggest buzz yet. This new hot toy is selling out in over 40 stores nationwide and online shoppers are snagging it fast on amazon.com.
"Build or Boom" is available just in time for Christmas this year! Tanner says this toy is an excellent learning tool for shapes, building, and following instructions all while having a blast! "Build or Boom" is a fast-paced two player game that tests speed, shape recognition, and your construction ability like no other game in the world.
All ages can enjoy this educational game but, "Build or Boom" was designed specifically for kids ages 4+.
For more fun toys visit buildorboom.com and follow them on facebook.com/ProtoToy/ for the latest updates on their toys!
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