A better way to connect with people for adventure sports

Kevin and Shannon Day, creators of Rollout App describe who the app was created for, and who would benefit.

Rollout is the best way to create and manage a group workout or athletic activity meet up. It allows users to share their adventure plans with friends, a private group, or publish publicly for anyone to join. Rollout is great for organizing or locating local group bike rides, group trail runs, races, weekly workout classes, or just finding friends to join your adventure.

The three easy steps to Rollout are:

1. CREATE: Select a sport/activity and set the details of your plans, such as the date/time, duration, intensity, map of the location, and any notes to describe the event.

2. CONNECT: Publish your plans for your followers only, a private group of friends, or make it public for others to search out and join. You can also share your rollout via text, twitter, Facebook, or email.

3. ROLLOUT: Get outside and enjoy your adventure activity with new and/or old friends

iOS and Android, Website, Social Media

http://rollout-app.com | http://instagram.com/rollout_app | https://www.facebook.com/Rolloutapp/






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