8 Reasons to Choose A Joint Center of Excellence

Total joint replacement surgery is among the most commonly performed inpatient procedures in the United States. LDS Hospital Orthopedic Surgeon Clint Wooten, MD, told us that more than 1,000,000 hip and knee replacements are performed each year, and, with the aging of our population, that number is expected to grow quickly.
He also explained that despite the general success of such replacements, approximately 20 percent of recipients of well-done replacements are unsatisfied with their surgery, and unmet patient expectations for the procedure are typically an important cause of such dissatisfaction.
Today Clint shared eight important reasons to choose a Joint Center of Excellence and shared what sets LDS Hospital's center apart from the rest. 
1) Certification Process
Certification requirements for joint replacement programs address three areas:
  1. Compliance with consensus-based national standards.
  2. Effective and consistent use of appropriate, evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for the hip, knee or shoulder replacement patient population.
  3. Collection and analysis of a minimum of four performance measures specific to the hip, knee or shoulder replacement patient population (a minimum of two performance measures must be clinical in nature.)
Joint replacement programs that successfully demonstrate compliance in all three areas are awarded certification for a two-year period. At the end of the first year, the organization is required to attest to its continued compliance with standards and provide evidence of performance improvement activities. To maintain certification, the cycle repeats with an on-site review conducted every two years and a bi-annual submission of an acceptable assessment of compliance by the organization.
Benefits of Certification
Joint replacement programs seek certification because it:
  • Demonstrates commitment to a higher standard of service
  • Provides a framework for organizational structure and management
  • Provides a competitive edge in the marketplace
  • Enhances staff recruitment and development
  • Is recognized by insurers and other third parties.
2) Results
The Total Joint Center at LDS Hospital is the region's highest volume joint replacement program with clinical and quality outcomes that rank among the best in the nation. Clint explained their services focus on the patient experience from initial consultation through recovery. 
3) Patient-Centered Services
LDS Hospital's multidisciplinary medical teams include many dedicated specialists-surgeons, internal medicine specialists, anesthesiologists, nurses, rehabilitation therapists and social workers-who work with patients every step of the way, from diagnosis to treatment to follow-up care. This collaborative approach assures the highest quality care.
4) Floor Manager
To ease the patient's concerns and to facilitate recovery, they provide assistance throughout the process. The floor manager is a registered nurse who works in conjunction with the surgeon and staff to guide patients through surgery, recovery and rehabilitation. 
5) Patient and Family Comfort is a Priority
Spacious, pleasant and private patient rooms with private bathrooms offer patients and their families a comfortable, convenient and relaxing environment during their stay. 
6) Patient Education
During the pre-admission testing visit, each patient can participate in an hour-and-a-half educational session with the nurses and therapists. This session provides an overview of the entire recovery and rehabilitation process starting immediately after surgery through discharge from the hospital.
7) Rehab
After surgery, the rehabilitation specialists at the Total Joint Center work with orthopedic patients and their doctors to provide rehabilitation therapy in the hospital and after discharge to facilitate a faster recovery and more rapid return to normal activity. Experienced occupational and physical therapists work with patients to help restore function in damaged joints, improve patients' levels of activity, alleviate pain and build confidence.
8) Nursing
The nursing team collaborates with physicians, physical therapists and others on the multidisciplinary team to provide the highest quality, most efficient care to every patient.
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