7 Tips For Making Money From Instagram

Photographer Lyndsey Fagerlund of Lyndsey Kaye Photography says Instagram can be used as a money-making tool for anyone trying to sell a product or service. Here are her 7 tips for jumpstarting the process:

1.Use your profile to let potential clients know what you are all about. Keep it consistent with your captions. Who is your audience? Moms? Business owners? Narrowing your focus actually helps you reach more people.

2. Be creative when showing potential clients what you have to offer. What sets you apart from the others in your line of work? Think about your potential clients "problem" and how can you provide the solution? How can you say something on Instagram (such as "choose me to be your personal trainer") without actually saying it? 
3. Post every day and facilitate engagement with your posts. Think of who you follow and why. Create a feed that others will want to follow. Who do you want to follow your account? Share helpful information. Ask questions.
4. Use hashtags. Instagram is essentially a search engine. I think of hashtags like keywords on google, but you actually get to tell Instagram what they are. Do your research and find out what hashtags your potential clients are using. You can use up to 30 and research how they are working for you. If you get enough engagement, you could be in the top 9, which could be thought of as page 1 on google for your keywords.
5. Show your personality/brand message. Be consistent because it builds trust with your followers. They are more likely to say, "hey, I know a great hair stylist!"
6. Give a call to action. Drive potential clients to your website and have it ready to sell your brand. For example, you can do a blog post, then post on Instagram. Tell people to check out the link in your profile. You can use this link to share something that pertains to your brand. It doesn't always have to be your website, you can change it up. It could be content helpful to your followers.
7. Use Instagram stories and Live to foster connection. It reminds people that you are a real person, and allows them to feel more comfortable contacting you. Sometimes Lyndsey takes photos of a thank you note from a client to show a "review."
Learn more about Lyndsey at lyndseykaye.com/.

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