5 Ways to Make Your Family More Adventurous

Is your family boring? Chamaine Wollenzien and Brielle Wollenzien from Wandering Families says there are things you can do to change that.
Here are 5 tips they say with help make your family adventurous and active:
  1. Being Adventurous is a Skill: The girls say it is learned, and just because you don't come from an adventurous family, doesn't mean you can't have one yourselves. They say learning to be adventurous gives  children confidence and grit
  2. It Becomes Family Culture: After awhile they say you won't even have to think about it -- it just becomes what you do.  They say it is important to tell your kids your are a (fill in the blank) family!!!
  3. Season Bucket List: Making a bucket list for each season can encourage your family to have adventures. Make sure the kids get input too! You can keep some items same from year to year, but sometime change it up! Putting what you want to do on the calendar is the first step, researching is the next! 
  4. One shot at THEIR childhood: Wandering Families says it's not about what is easiest for the parents, it's about the kids!
  5. Don't Make Excuses:  Some people say their kids are too young or they don't know what to do -- That's what "Wandering Families" is for!!
Learn more at  http://www.wanderingfamilies.com/ or on Instagram @wanderingfamilies.

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