4 Design Elements to Highlight in Your Bedroom

Since it's Valentine's Day, it's only suitable for us to talk about the the most neglected and unloved room in the house...the master bedroom!
Lindy Allen from Four Chairs Furniture stated the obvious, that we focus on what people see, (the entry, kitchen and great room) which take great precedence over bedrooms. 

If your bedroom needs a little love, take note of Lindy's four design tips! 
  1. The bed
    • The focal point of the master
  2. Nightstands
    • Mismatch them
    • Neutral is best
    • Make it function (drawers or doors), but keep it clean! 
  3. Seating
    • If you have room, add a comfy chair or two for talking, reading, relaxing
  4. Lighting
    • Ambiance is everything.
    • Out with harsh overhead lights-- add a fan, decorative reading sconces or lamp light
If your budget is tight, Lindy also gave suggestions to spruce things up. 
  • Focus on your bedding and linens and keep all of your large pieces.
    • Add toppers ($4-8) on your nightstand in a new color.
  • Make your bed with your sheets folded over your quilt and add a puffy duvet and throw blanket at the end.
    • Purchase one new throw pillow in the color you are in love with! 

For more design tips and to create these looks for yourself, visit 4-chairs.com.


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