3 Games to Play at Your Holiday Party

Shyloh Belnap has once again, found the best ideas on Pinterest and shared them with us! This time, she showed us three games you can play at your upcoming holiday parties! 
To prepare:
  • Gather balloons, nylons and some ribbon
  • Cut the toes off the nylons
To play:
  • Divide players into teams.
  • One player will put the nylons on their head.
  • The other team mates will blow up balloons and stuff them in the toes of the nylons to make “antlers”.
Examples of prizes can be given for: 1st team to finish, tallest, longest, cutest etc.
To prepare:
  • Attach a string to a red pom pom, get some Vaseline
To Play:
  • Hold the loose end of the ribbon in your mouth and work to swing the pom pom to stick to your nose.
To prepare:
  • Grab a ribbon, Christmas basket and some plastic ornaments
To play:
  • Players will “hike” the ornaments through their legs like a football and the second player will catch the ornament in the basket they have tied around their waste. You can chose whether to do the front or the back

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