Should Gordon Hayward be on the All-Star Roster?

Jazz Writer Jody Genessy Weighs In

Utah Jazz Writer Jody Genessy joined ABC4 Utah's Brittany Johnson to talk all things hoops. During Good Morning Utah, Jody dished on Utah Jazz small forward's all-star performance Tuesday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

In addition to weighing in on Hayward's consistent performance, Jody also weighs in on Dante Exum and whether or not fans should be concerned about  the numbers, or lack there of, that the point guard is putting up, the depth of the Utah Jazz and the difference George Hill makes for the organization.

We also couldn't let Jody leave us without talking about his amazing weight-loss journey. Last year Jody weighed 374 pounds and ten months later, he has lost 130 pounds and counting! His story is very inspiring and one that everyone should hear.

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