Security Concers for the Olympic Games in Brazil

The 2016 Olympic Games will begin in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil starts tomorrow and there are some concerns about security.

Professor Ryan Vogel from Utah Valley University says there are fears of terrorism before any Olympics. An example he says are the bombing in 1996 in Atlanta and the killing of Israeli hostages in Munich in 1972.

Vogel says ISIS and other terrorist groups would love to make a spectacular attack as the whole world watches the summer games.

He also says Brazil's government is working closely with American law enforcement and intelligence services to identify threats and prevent potential attacks at the Games.  U.S. officials have been assisting Brazilian law enforcement and military units on preparing for large-scale incidents, including chemical and biological attacks.

The FBI has recently helped Brazilian authorities in finding members of a Brazilian Islamist militant group called the Defenders of Shariah, who were plotting attacks in Brazil.

Brazil has been working with out countries to make sure security is at the highest level throughout the country.

For more information on security issues, click here.


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